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I distributed this poster demonstrating proper usage along with each bin to participating students. The design is a riff off of SF Environment's ubiquitous posters demonstrating which items go in their black, blue, and green waste bins, pictured here.

The larger version of the poster reads:


NEW collection bin for excess material generated by work for the 2013 CCA MFA Show!

Please place all excess materials related to and resulting from producing art into this bin, excluding food and food waste. Please rinse any food or rotting material from containers before placing them in this bin.

This bin will be emptied at least weekly by Ilyse on Mondays at 2PM, starting March 18th.

This schedule is subject to change in response to volume.

If your items are too big for this bin, please place them next to it with a note indicating desired collection.

If your excess materials are outside of and/or too big for your studio, please contact Ilyse to arrange special retrieval.

The bins themselves will be collected on Monday, May 13th.

The bins and the contents collected over the course of these two months will appear en masse in the 2013 CCA MFA Show.

Art By-Products Collection Poster
Art By-Products Collection Poster