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When I got pregnant, I was terrified. I convinced myself that I could no longer be an artist, that a baby would take away my time and identity. To conquer this fear, I drastically shifted my practice: making time for art became art itself.

I create series of 49 pieces that fit together in 7x7 rainbow grids. Each piece draws on a specific color pair as background and foreground, cycling through 49 pairs until the series is complete.

For five years, I have produced and shared these pieces nearly weekly. Publicly maintaining a ritual cadence compels me to create time amidst the chaos of parenthood, from postpartum to full-time work to pandemic and back again.

Watercolor, stop-motion animation, digital illustration, personal essay, even collaboration: in every medium, creating the work is a performance and the finished pieces a documentation.

What started as a personal formula for artmaking has turned into collaborative colormancy, a developing digital divination system.

To experience the full project and see these images in motion, visit You can also subscribe on Substack or follow @arainbowsquared.

Rainbow Squared Grid Year Five #rainbowsquared
Performance, Animation, Essay
Rainbow Squared Grid Year Four #rainbowsquared
Performance, Animation, Essay
Rainbow Squared Grid Year Three #rainbowsquared
Performance, Photo Animation
Rainbow Squared Grid Year Two #rainbowsquared
Performance, Photo Animation
Rainbow Squared Grid Year One #rainbowsquared
Performance, Watercolor