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Rainbow Squared Grid Year One #rainbowsquared
Rainbow Squared Year 1
Performance, Watercolor

I had told myself that if I became a mother I would no longer have time to make art. This fear gnawed at me during my first pregnancy and eventually irritated me enough that I turned it into a personal challenge. It turns out that I could find time. I could make time. But I would need to adjust my scope as well as my expectations.

It started with one tiny monochromatic painting a day, a different color each day of the week for seven weeks. 49 paintings. From Week 13 to 20 of my child’s life I painted when I could, while she was napping, playing, and even once or twice while breastfeeding.

Once my child was less inert and I went back to work, I adjusted the scope and continued: weekly instead of daily compositions, each in two colors with a foreground and background determined by a 7x7 rainbow grid: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, and Black & White. Rainbow Squared.

Year 1 was watercolor, influenced by the tarot deck. This project is slowly building the basis for a divination system as it progresses. See the full interactive grid for Year 1 at

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