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Rainbow Squared Grid Year Two #rainbowsquared
Rainbow Squared Year 2
Performance, Photo Animation

A weekly practice resulting in 49 compositions a year, each in two colors with a foreground and background determined by a 7x7 rainbow grid: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, and Black & White. Rainbow Squared.

Producing art as a mother comes down to having a formula, a plan. The structure forces me to make time to make. It eliminates the guesswork so I can swing into action at a moment’s notice, and every moment counts. For one animation, it took so long to improvise a top down tripod that I didn’t have much time left to shoot. You can see where the movements get sloppier as I speed up to finish, listening to my toddler sing round after round of “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” through the baby monitor. I often have no choice but to accept a piece as done rather than perfect.

Year 2 stop-motion animations of objects from my trash altar, all #futuretrash. This project is slowly building the basis for a divination system as it progresses. See the full interactive grid for Year 2 at

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