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Build & Destroy
TRT: 01:20
August 2013

A two-part event, regular patrons and participants alike built and destroyed an improvisational sculpture using only materials found that week at Detroit’s only public recycling center, Recycle Here!.

Instead of glorifying these waste objects as useful, building and destroying this sculpture suggested that perhaps they shouldn’t exist. Polystyrene is this recycling center’s largest collection by volume. Even making art out of this or any material is only adding one more step in its lifecycle, which after being recycled may only be used one or two more times before ultimately becoming trash.

The City of Detroit currently does not have curbside recycling and also operates the largest incinerator in the country. This means that these toxic materials are being burnt, unless Detroiters bring them to the recycling center themselves. Spending more time with these materials makes it harder to think that there is an “away” to throw them.

Hosted by Green Living Science.