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Five epic group excursions departed from the same site, StoreFrontLab, and ended at different points along the water, going counter-clockwise around the perimeter of San Francisco.

On each walk we collectively tracked points and moments of interest, marking them on the sidewalk with chalk and audio recording field notes on location. I then plotted the coordinates of these points directly onto the wall of the gallery, on top of a giant projected map.

These two tracks are the result of editing and splicing together almost 500 different recordings. The first one, “Locations" uses only the geographical orientations, removing them from the observations. The second track, “Moments,” isolates the observations from their spatial context, creating an amorphous description spanning the entire city. Both of these tracks were playing in the gallery to accompany the completed map installation for Lines Made by Walking.

These tracks are long and were designed to be encountered at arbitrary points in their timelines. Please skip through and discover at will, or sit back and drift in and out.

The next phase of this project is to create a digital interactive version of this map. More at

Lines Made by Walking [Installation Audio]
October 2014