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Sewer Tour Ride
Sewer Tour Ride
Collaboration with Miles Epstein and John Seagrave

The Sewer Tour is an annual bike ride for citizens to viscerally connect with the city beneath the city. This year’s Sewer Tour was actually a Sewer Ride co-sponsored by the SF Bike Coalition: a 12-mile trip following gravity to demonstrate the paths and obstacles water takes to make it to your faucet and from there to the treatment plant and into the Bay. 75 people came out on Saturday, May 10th, 2014, riding from Daly City BART through the San Bruno Mountains and around Yosemite Slough, ending with a reception at Building Resources.

In the top photo, John talks to riders at the site of Patricia Johanson's Endangered Garden, a piece of public art commissioned for the Sunnydale Transport Storage Box by Candlestick Park. In the bottom photo, riders catch the view on the San Bruno mountains.